Considering our lawyers expertise, the firm offers its services aiming business development and advise our clients proactively and immediately.

The service is provided by business consultants not only lawyers in strategic areas for the best performance of your business. Also, we are part of alliances with law firms around the globe.

Foreign Trade and Customs

Del Castillo & Meza provides legal and technical advice in all types of tax and customs proceedings and litigations, and the development of import-export strategies under the various customs regimes, export promotion programs, assessment of duties (both general and preferential), administrative-law proceedings against international unfair trade practices (dumping, subsidies, and safeguards) and actions against government investigations to determine origin of goods imported under preferential treatments, procedures to release payment of antidumping duties, compliance with non-tariff regulations and barriers, authorizations, permits, notices, etc. In this area the Firm offers the following services, among others:

  • Logistics.
  • Tariff classification of imported and exported goods.
  • Customs valuation of imported goods.
  • Advice in the preparation of certificates of origin.
  • Determination, processing and obtaining of certificates of compliance of goods with mandatory Official Standards at the point of entry, lobbying on behalf of our clients with authorities.
  • Actions against rulings issued by custom authorities during and after customs clearance.
  • Preventive and corrective customs audits.
  • Negotiations to eliminate and/or reduce duties on imported goods.
  • Bonded warehouses.