Considering our lawyers expertise, the firm offers its services aiming business development and advise our clients proactively and immediately.

The service is provided by business consultants not only lawyers in strategic areas for the best performance of your business. Also, we are part of alliances with law firms around the globe.

Administrative Law

Perú is working to simplify its regulatory framework. As in any modern society, many aspects of doing business are governed by a mixture of statutes, regulations, and official practice. Del Castillo & Meza offers services, not only in assisting clients in complying with administrative laws and regulations, but also in defending clients against government decisions which infringe the rights guaranteed by law and Peruvian Constitution.

The practice group offers the following services in this area, among others, advising on:

  • Government audits, demands, and penalties.
  • Expropriations and illegal occupation of property.
  • Licenses, concessions, and permits.
  • Administrative relief against government decisions.
  • Nullity actions.
  • Litigation before administrative courts.
  • Public bidding, invitations to bid, and direct awarding of public contracts.
  • Complaints against irregularities in public acquisitions, public works, and awarding of public contracts.