Considering our lawyers expertise, the firm offers its services aiming business development and advise our clients proactively and immediately.

The service is provided by business consultants not only lawyers in strategic areas for the best performance of your business. Also, we are part of alliances with law firms around the globe.

Environmental Law

Del Castillo & Meza offers to its clients creative solutions regarding matters in environmental agency, litigation, legal advice and inspection.

The firm providesto our
clients a group of specialists in environment legal areas and from other complementary disciplines, such as engineers, biologists, and others whose experience and knowledge allow them to enrich our legal advice and representation.

We direct our clients in the preparing, managing and obtaining of environmental permits and
authorizations from all levels of government, including environmental risk and impact. In addition, we have the experience necessary to carry out environmental inspections that allow our clients to employ the necessary actions to comply with environmental regulations.

Our work includes consulting and litigation in environmental law and the handling of environmental liabilities in company activities.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Assistance in legal proceedings filed with various environmental authorities, including legal advice and the representation of our clients in inspections and administrative procedures, and counsel concerning the compliance with legal obligations.
  • Carrying out environmental inspections in order to identify obligations concerning a specific company, identifying ways to improve, and providing the necessary tools to assure adequate compliance with environmental laws.
  • The handling of permits and authorizations for carrying out activities regulated by environmental provisions, including, among others, environmental impact declarations, waste-management plans, risk studies and accident-prevention plans, and obtaining concessions for the use of national waters and the dumping of water waste, and in general the use of natural resources.
  • Consulting and assistance in the negotiation of contracts and agreements related to environmental responsibilities and obligations.
  • Environmental litigation.