Considering our lawyers expertise, the firm offers its services aiming business development and advise our clients proactively and immediately.

The service is provided by business consultants not only lawyers in strategic areas for the best performance of your business. Also, we are part of alliances with law firms around the globe.

Labour (Litigation and Consulting)

Under the concept of Labour Sustainability, Del Castillo & Meza designs, promotes, and implements complete employment, immigration, and social security programs for our clients and their work force.Our experience and knowledge of labour law, results in being able to respond effectively while maintaining high standards of quality regarding employment issues facing our clients.

The firm focuses on adding value to employment matters in the areas of, Human capital, Profitability, Stability, Social responsibility, Comprehensive planning.

Ourfirm provides services to national and multinational companies and institutions engaged in a wide variety of businesses, helping them to optimize their human and material resources by adding value by what we do.

Our services are not limited to:

  • Preventive advice in labour matters.
  • Due diligence reviews in order to avoid future labour liability.
  • Individual employment agreement preparation.
  • Collective agreement negotiation.
  • Planning for expatriates working in Peru and Peruvians working abroad.
  • Advice on inspections carried out by the Labour Ministry.
  • Creation and implementation of compensation plans for employees, both at local and international levels.
  • Strategies for personnel transfers in corporate restructuring.
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreement preparation.
  • Review and update of human resources procedures and policies, as well as of internal labour regulations.
  • Digitalization of labour administrative controls with legal force.
  • Drafting and registration of special Ministry of Labour’s programs.
  • Formation, registration, and operation of employee–employer committees.
  • Strategies for the termination of employment agreements.
  • Strategies for the defence of companies against individual and collective labour claims.
  • Representation of clients regarding labour actions.
  • Information to clients on the status of labour litigation.
  • Negotiations with unions.
  • Social security.
  • Administrative proceedings, annulment actions, and appeals against Social Security.